IJburg - Pampuslaan 501, you find us in the red container behind the windsurf center 100 mtrs from beach club Haas & Popi. 

Amsterdam Zeeburg: Zeeburgerpad 10 behind the iron fences and 100 meters from windmill Gooyer and café Kop van Oost.

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M&M SUP Rules & Regulations

You are able to swim. You are older then 14, if not an adult has to accompany you. You are insured. Joining a class is for your own risk. You will be careful with all the material M&M SUP provides you. If material get's damaged by you M&M SUP will charge it. You are in good physical condition, if you have an injury or another medical/physical problem tell us in advance. We do not go out with anyone who has been drinking alcohol or taking any drugs prior to class or during class. You can cancell a class 48 hrs prior without costs. When weather is real bad (wind harder then 5 BFT) we will inform you about cancellation to re schedule. If we do not call or contact you to cancel class it is a GO!