SUP start up class 

Blijburg: Wed  18.00-19.00 Fri 9.00-10.00
Sat & Sun 10.00-11.00

Amstel: Wed 9.00-10.00 & 10:30-11:30 (sup & Core) 18.00-19.00 Sat & Sun 10.00-11.00


A start up class to learn the basics of stand up paddling. Find your balance, get comfortable on the paddle board. During these start up classes we always go out for a little tour. Every now and then we also add some core workouts on the paddle board to engage these core muscles we use while paddling. We

Cost €20,- per class including all material. 

SUP follow up training class 

Blijburg: Fri 10.30-11.30 Sat 11.30-12.30
Mon 20.00-21.00

Amstel: Tue 18.30-20.30 (race training advanced)


After attending a couple start up classes or if experienced you can attend the follow up classes. In these classes we teach you how to speed up, improve your paddle technique and will also spend time practicing advanced turns such as the pivot turn.  A full work out on the paddle board to gain strength and endurance. 

Cost €20,- per class including all material. The race training at the Amstel is €25,- 

Sup & Yoga class 

Blijburg: Sun 11.30-13.00
Wed 19.30-21.00 S

Amstel: Wed 19.30-21.00 Sun 11.30-13.00


M&M SUP works with the world famous BOGA YOGA paddle boards designed specially for yoga. we are stoked to share this great yoga experience with you. For these classes you do not need stand up paddle experience as all our SUP Yoga teachers are also trained to teach stand up paddling. From June on we also offer a three week SUP & YOGA series you can attend. In this course we will focus on core and strength.

Cost €25,- per class including all material. 

SUP start up 4 week course 

Blijburg & Amstel: Mon 18.30-19.30 


In this four week course we teach you all about stand up paddling; basics, balancing, start up paddle techniques. The first three weeks we teach you at Blijburg. Next to stand up paddling we will also talk about material and learn you how to attach a fin to the paddle board and we end the 4 week course with a two hour fun tour at our Amsterdam location with the whole group.. After this course you can attend the Follow Up course and are able to attend other tours we organize.

Cost €65,- per course including all material. 

SUP tour Amsterdam
or area

Amstel Fri 18.00-20.00 


We will offer rental boards at the Amstel location every Sunday 13:00-18:00 for experienced paddlers. Price €12.50 an hour and reserve your board via 


We offer two hour  SUP tour in the Amsterdam canals for the experienced paddlers. We might change location every now and then and head to Muiden. Weesp or another fun stand up paddle location in the Amsterdam are. If you are with a group of minimum 5 people the price is €35,- per tour including all material. For smaller / private tours we charge €50 pp. 

suppen in amsterdam

suppen in amsterdam

From 2018 on we'll also offer beach yoga at Blijburg and yoga in the parc or on the jetty at the Amstelriver in Amsterdam. Schedule for these classes will be online soon. We charge €15,- per class (1.15hrs)  and have yoga mats which means you do not have to bring anything.