M&M SUP re seller Glogglz sunglasses and Glogglz waterproof cases

We fell in love with the Glogglz sunglasses last season and are proud to announce we became official re seller of this good looking water sports brand! What makes these sunglasses special is that they are the only patent water resistant sunglasses that go underwater and perform like a goggle! Add the fun looking models and colors and you have a sunglass everyone paddling in summer time must wear! The Glogglz sunglasses are also offering 100% UV protection and provide superior glare reduction. Makes us even happier as we spend many hours on and in the water in the season.

As we spend so many hours on our paddle boards we like to have some stuff with us; such as an iPhone, money/creditcard, keys and some other personal belongings. These all fit in the colorful Glogglz waterproof cases which we sell in sizes S (fits an iPhone 5) and M (fits an iPhone 6). The best thing about these cases is the leash that is easy to attach on your board rack or leg leash which prevents the case from falling in the water and sinking :( 

Come check out the colorful Glogglz sunglasses and/or cases while going for a paddle tour, class or sup yoga session.