Great second sup yoga kite week Bonaire

Ready for the mangrove paddle tour.

Ready for the mangrove paddle tour.

What a great week we had again at the second sup yoga kite week at Bonaire. One happy group of people enjoying the paddle boarding, yoga, TRX (new in our program) and we also had some serious kite boarding action as the wind kicked in this week!

Thanks again to Ladina for the yoga and TRX classes. As the wind was so hard at some moments we even chose to go out for some beach yoga at Klein Bonaire which turned out to be one of the best activities. Taking the boat out there, gliding over the light blue waters and then practicing yoga on this white beach surrounded by the beautiful water and the sound of the waves rolling in :) What else van you wish for.? Afterwards it was time for some snorkelling fun. 

Off course we also have time, and make time for some chilling and having a beer every now and then. After the kiteboarding succes for a couple of the attendees we had a good drink, in yoga pose on the beach and watched the sun set!

The next sup yoga kite week is plannend 7-14th October. Let us know if you want to come along via We hope to organise more in the winter of '17-'18 and can also customise the week if you would be interested in coming over with a group of friends, colleagues or family. Just send us an email and hopefully we meet on this great and sunny island of Bonaire!