NEW BOGA Paddleboards

We just unloaded our new BOGA paddleboards for the season! At M&M sup in the city at the Amstel we will only work with inflatables this season and at Blijburg we are offering soft tops as usual. If you are interested in testing one of the i-sups let us know or just book a class and let us know which one you would like to test during the class. All the inflatable boards have a completely new look and design and we added the 11.5' tourboard to the line up! 

This is the brand new 10.5 a.k.a. Albacare a great all round family boards stable and easy to handle. 

The Caballa 11.5 is a super board if you are looking for some more speed and easy for longer tours or cruises around. The board is still super stable as it is 31 inches wide.

The Abuja 12.6 is your prefect tour board to go out for longer rides and explore other waters. It is less wide and therefor faster. 

Off course we also offer the hard boards such as the original BOGA YOGA board and El Tiburon and a couple of cruising boards such as the Todos 10'2

For more info and interest in BOGA Paddleboards let us know via